Jennifer Hoage Proprietor & Winemaker

Jennifer’s passion for food and wine was instilled early in life while she was growing up in New Orleans. She was introduced to the restaurant scene by her mother, who worked in several prestigious kitchens in New Orleans. Jennifer’s artistic passion (she was one of the first graduates of the New Orleans Center for the Arts High School) led her to Paris at 18 to study corporeal mime under master Etienne Decroux. While living in Paris, she was exposed to wines from her host family’s Bordeaux property, and her love of food and wine was cemented.

When she returned to New Orleans, Jennifer took a position with New Orleans Magazine as head of their food and wine division, and immediately developed their wine section to include educational material as well as meaningful reviews. Her knowledge and expertise have been experientially learned and is based on a hands-on approach to cooking and winemaking.

In 2002, Jennifer and her husband Terry purchased their property on Arbor Road in Paso Robles and Jennifer was once again immersed in artistic creativity. She currently runs the blending and oak programs for the winery, pulling from her experiences growing up in New Orleans, her first experiences with French wines, and her extensive experiences guiding New Orleans Magazine’s food and wine section.

Jennifer’s approach to winemaking is one of minimalism, tying her passion for old world wines with the unique and powerful terroir of Paso Robles. Her wines show a wonderful balance of old world complexity, with the exuberance and concentration of new world possibilities. Robert Parker extended an unwittingly meaningful compliment to Jennifer upon reviewing her first cuvee submitted for his review, noting that if he did not know the origin of the wine, he would have thought he was tasting wine off of a premiere property in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.