Located in the Willow Creek AVA of Paso Robles, TH Estate Wines’ 26 acre southwest-facing hillside vineyard is planted with 9.25 acres of Syrah, 4 acres of Grenache, 2.75 acres of Mourvedre, and 2 acres of whites (even plantings of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc, and Picpoul Blanc). Paso Robles is a unique grape growing region, one of the few regions in California that has calcareous soils with high pH values. It also has ideal conditions for viticulture, summer daytime temperatures that average in the 90’s and evening temperatures that average in the low 50’s. The cold night and large diurnal change in temperature help to slow the production of sugars and preserve the acidity of the grapes.

As stewards of our land, all of us at TH Estate Wines utilize all protocols available to us to ensure the preservation of vital resources.  We implement sustainable farming practices because we live here on the property, and value our land, our water, and our vineyard.  Our farming practices aim to create an environment that encourages the plants to develop tiny berries on small clusters. The result is well-balanced fruit with great acidity, and rich, vibrant, fuit-driven finished wines.

Our picking parameters are uniquely personal and we do not use any one metric to dictate harvest. Using all of the tools available to us as a backdrop for our own personal sense of taste, smell, sight, and touch, we make every effort to harvest only when the grapes are physiologically mature. Budbreak at our estate occurs in mid-April with harvest commencing on average in mid-to-late September. These dates and time frames vary greatly from year to year, and history is proving that we rarely experience a “normal” year.