Decroux Rosemary’s Vineyard

Pinot Noir


Ultra small production Pinot Noir from one of the most exclusive vineyards in California’s Arroyo Grande Valley.

you always think of it
on those days
when something is just so lovely
it trips into guilt

— Elizabeth Cohen

Rosemary’s Vineyard 

Located in the Arroyo Grande AVA, on a hillside surrounding Rosemary Talley’s home and is characterized by white, rocky fractured sandstone and loam, with some clay in the subsoil.  Rosemary’s Vineyard is steep and very well drained.  It overlooks the ocean and receives the most direct marine influence of any of the Talley Family’s vineyards, making it their coolest site. 

Unlike most Pinot Noirs, the fruit from this vineyard has extremely small clusters that are uncharacteristically dark for this grape variety.  It is floral on the nose with a bit of fresh tarragon, rose petal, bright red fuit as well as dark cherry, violets, orange peel, and cedar.  This is a supple, layered and complex wine.  Will cellar for years; if you have the patience. 

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