Skins-Club Only


$66 (pre-release price $60)

The Skins is our purest expression of Grenache from the TH Estate. This highly aromatic variety shines with violet, lavender and undertones of vanilla oak character.  It is the most feminine wine in our lineup, with Pinot-esque notes of bright red fruit, figs, spice and chalky stones.

Named after the “skins” of the grapes that are so important in giving the wine color and tannin, this wine is also a reference to the Washington Redskins, where players and fans call their beloved team the ‘Skins. Terry was fortunate enough to win Super Bowl XXVI with this team in 1991.

Due to a very limited production, this wine sells out quickly and can only be purchased through the club.


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Vintage Aging


2014 - *Released to Club Only* Early Maturity, Drink or Hold

2013 - Early Maturity, Drink or Hold

2012 - Mature, Drink

2011 - Mature, Drink

2010 - Mature, Drink

2009 - Late Maturiy, Drink Now

2008 - Late Maturiy, Drink Now

2007 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2006 - Late Maturity, Drink Now