The 46



The 46 had been a consistent blend of 50% Grenache and 50% Syrah since its inaugural release in 2004. Starting in 2015, we began co-fermenting Grenache and Mourvedre when possible. The 46 has since become a GSM blend, with the Mourvedre component stemming from co-fermented lots; however, the Grenache and Syrah components always remain in balance with each other. Grenache keeps the wine light and bright with beautiful acidity and bright berry flavors, while Syrah increases the color, body, and impact, adding subtle flavors of smoke, game and spice.

The 46 was named after the Highway 46 west, off of which our small winery is nestled. It is also that name of the 46 defensive scheme that Terry played under Buddy Ryan for most of his football career.


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Vintage Aging

2017 - Drinking well: Youthful, Decant recommended

2016 - Drinking well: Youthful

2015 - Drinking well: Youthful

2014 - Drinking well: Youthful

2013 - Drinking well: Youthful

2012 - Drinking well: Mature

2011 - Drinking well: Mature

2010 - Drinking well: Mature

2009 - Drinking well: Mature

2008 - Drinking well: Mature

2007 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2006 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2005 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2004 - Late Maturity, Drink Now