The Pick

Grenache Cuvee


The Pick is modeled after a classic southern Rhone Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This GSM highlights three classic grapes blended to make a beautifully balanced wine. The wine showcases the fruity characteristics of Grenache, bold blackberry and beefy dark Syrah notes, and the earthy, gamey influence of Mourvedre. This wine is a perfect pairing partner with a variety of foods.

Blends tend to have greater complexity and can be much more exciting than single varietals. Moving to Paso Robles in 2000, the Hoages were delighted to find a few fine producers making blends in the GSM style, loving their fruit forward expression and earthy, spicy undertones. After tasting wines from Paso made with the Rhone varietals, the Hoages decided to farm these grapes exclusively in their vineyard.

The Pick was named for the harvest or the “pick” of the barrels and is also a slang term for an interception. Terry, who played as a Free Safety, had a few picks in his career.


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Vintage Aging

2017 - Drinking well: Youthful, Decant recommended

2016 - Drinking well: Youthful

2015 - Drinking well: Youthful

2014 - Drinking well: Youthful

2013 - Drinking well: Mature

2012 - Drinking well: Mature

2011 - Drinking well: Mature

2010 - Drinking well: Mature

2009 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2008 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2007 - Late Maturity, Drink Now

2006 - Past its prime

2005 - Past its prime