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The Three-Four is our block-designate Syrah from a small part of our vineyard that we share with Justin Smith of Saxum. It is an experimental, own-rooted block with a special meter by meter configuration (actually 3’ x 4’) that is NE facing and really steep. We planted the block on Justin’s suggestion, not realizing how difficult it would be to farm. Everything must be done by hand- It is ridiculous! The harvested fruit is divided, with Justin taking half the fruit and the remaining half going into our Three-Four, Syrah.

Because of the high density of the vines, our Meter-by-Meter block yields tiny, concentrated clusters of fruit. The resulting wine is big, dark and powerful, with the structure to cellar for over a decade. The name Three-Four references the spacing of the vines and Terry’s jersey number throughout most of his professional career.


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Vintage Aging


2015 - *Released to club only* - Drink 2018 - 2029

2014 - Young, Hold

2013 - Early Maturity, Drink or Hold

2012 - Young, Hold

2011 - Early Maturity, Drink or Hold

2010 - Early Maturity, Drink or Hold