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photo of bottle of 2019 The Pick

2019 The Pick

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Product Description

V. 2019

65% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah

As you pop the cork you are greet­ed with a dark­er and deep­er expres­sion from this wine than the rest of the Grenache based offer­ings. The 2019 Pick finds a seam­less bal­ance of inter­play between the bright flir­ta­tious Grenache and the brood­ing expan­sive Mourve­dre. Aro­mat­ics of straw­ber­ries, grilled plums, mocha, root spices and dusty leather, invites you to explore the lay­ers of com­plex­i­ty the wine offers. On the palate the wine exudes fla­vors of fresh berries, dark choco­late driz­zle, sar­sa­par­il­la, truf­fle, and fresh cut vio­lets, the full bod­ied mid palate has just enough acid to reign the wine back in for the fin­ish, that offers notes of shale, black tea, and mocha.

Pre­vi­ous Vintages:

2019 — Drink­ing well: Youth­ful, Decant rec­om­mend­ed
2018 — Drink­ing well: Youth­ful, Decant rec­om­mend­ed
2017 — Drink­ing well: Youth­ful
2016 — Drink­ing well: Ear­ly Matu­ri­ty
2015 — Drink­ing well: Ear­ly Matu­ri­ty
2014 — Drink­ing well: Ear­ly Matu­ri­ty
2013 — Drink­ing well: Ear­ly Matu­ri­ty
2012 — Drink­ing well: Mature
2011 — Drink­ing well: Mature
2010 — Late Matu­ri­ty, Drink Now
2009 — Late Matu­ri­ty, Drink Now
2008 — Past its prime
2007 — Past its prime
2006 — Past its prime